About MUS Adventure

Hey there, my name is Shane. πŸ‘‹

I'm the owner and founder of MUS Adventure & an avid wanderer always looking for new adventures.

For a big chunk of my life, I felt...distracted. Some of these distractions were good things, like a weekend full of sports with my kids. Others, however, left me feeling unfulfilled. I found my mind wandering, remembering how fun & easy life was as a kid.

As I pondered what brought me such happiness as a kid, I thought back to my adventures in the great outdoors -- exploring nearby caves, building fires with friends & turning every semi-cool looking stick into a dedicated walking stick.

As a father of five, a husband and working a (more than) full time job, I wanted to get back to that pure happiness I felt as a child. I turned once again to the great outdoors. I spent more time outside with my family, exploring the wilderness like I used to, and I found a truth that I had somehow forgotten along the way...

I realized that IT'S OKAY TO BE HAPPY! What a novel idea...

So MUS Adventure began with a single mission -- to help everyone find happiness through adventure.

Thanks for joining me here at MUS Adventure. I hope you have the chance to check out our outdoor gear, which we've designed with the sole purpose of bringing "fun" back into your outdoor life. If you're looking for a dedicated adventure, I recommend you check out the MUS Experience. Thanks again for being part of the MUS Adventure team.

-- Shane Fredrickson